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Residential Treatment Center for Boys Ages 14-18

Equinox Residential Treatment Center North Carolina

Why Choose Equinox

We strive to support the creation of self-sustaining, lifelong change at Equinox through our remarkable people and programming. When change is generated through a relationship-based and principle-centered focus, in which a teenager has the choice to comply, lifelong, sustainable change is achievable.

Individualized Treatment

We begin with the individual. Our Clinical approach is focused on being Relationship-based, Principle-driven, and Experientially- applied. Learn more about how our individualized approach can help your son.

Equinox Differences

Success in working with young men requires specific and unique areas of neurological, emotional, and physiological emphasis. At Equinox, we have created a culture and approach designed specifically to meet the needs of teenage boys.

Student Life

One of the things that sets Equinox apart from other mental health treatment centers is that we take advantage of the therapeutic setting by offering opportunities for our young boys to solve problems together. We give our students ownership and accountability, and use our Group Therapy to explore and grow the community.


About Us

At Equinox, we help set the stage for the infusion of light into the previously darkened lives of the boys and families we serve. We utilize the archetypal Hero’s Journey as a guide, and we help struggling or troubled teens Believe in themselves, begin their journey toward hope, and Become the Hero that they are destined to be.



Longstanding research on therapeutic effectiveness and outcomes has repeatedly identified the relationship between client and caregiver to be the most highly contributing factor to therapeutic success. We at Equinox feel we can speak confidently to the key relational elements that facilitate healing.

We can help your son achieve life-long, sustainable change.