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Residential Treatment Center for Boys Ages 14-18

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Our mission is to help teen boys make lasting changes in their lives.

Equinox Residential Treatment Center has grown out of many years of experience working with teenage boys in residential treatment. We have developed a clinically intensive program based on the specific needs of young men, and our philosophy is based upon our beliefs and experiences related to the creation of genuine, lasting change in our students.

Our mission is to inspire young men and their families to live in the moment, embrace the journey, choose happiness, respond with love, and lead by example.

Our underlying beliefs about how we can create genuine, lasting change in our students are as follows:

People, more than programs, create the most lasting impact.

Intensive family focus to address the child’s most important emotional connections – family.

Focus on internal change through value development, rather than external compliance.

Holistic approaches that address both physical and emotional needs (mind-body connection).

Male specific interventions; as boys have unique problems and needs.

We can help your son create positive changes from the inside-out.

Equinox is committed to hiring the most qualified, professional, caring staff that is dedicated to helping the boys we serve. Our staff also undergoes specific, regular training to continue their own personal and professional development which is essential to the life-creating work we do.

Families will be regularly and intensively involved in their son’s therapeutic process. We believe that an intensive family focus that addresses family dynamics through therapy sessions, family seminars, multi-family groups, and experiential interventions is one of the primary drivers of growth and change in our boys.

Therapeutic programs and interventions have historically focused solely on compliance. While compliance is important, how it is generated is more important. Compliance that springs from external controls and “fear of punishment” tends to be short-lived. When the external controls are removed, compliance departs with it. When compliance grows out of developing internal values such as respect, responsibility, love, family relationships, and personal growth it is self-evident and self-sustaining. This durable, internal change is what we strive to create at Equinox through our remarkable people and programming.