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Residential Treatment Center for Boys Ages 14-18

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At Risk Youth Programs

Leading At Risk Youth Programs Helping Your Son

At risk youth programs are treatment centers that help teens who struggle with behavioral and emotional issues. These mental health challenges may include: depression, anxiety, trauma, substance use, technology addiction, and defiance. There are a variety of at risk youth programs for teens throughout the country, but the most effective programs offer clinically sophisticated therapeutic programming.

Equinox RTC is one of the leading at-risk youth programs in the country, helping young men from across the country. We provide the best psychological care and foster a supportive and positive environment in which your son can heal from past traumas and build important life skills. We are one of the most highly regarded at risk youth programs for young men ages 14 -18 who need assistance coping with recent traumatic experiences or other personal struggles. Our compassionate, trained staff work together in a true team effort to treat a range of interpersonal behaviors. {Term} {City}

Teens come to Equinox with many challenges: some are recovering from abuse, bullying, the loss of a loved one, depression, a recent divorce, and more. We provide a space that’s not only a safe haven in the mountains of North Carolina, but a stepping stone to healthier habits. Our program is tailored to the specific developmental needs of young men during their journey through our successful residential program. Along the way, we invite each student’s family to participate, and ensure your son’s stay is a holistic healing process for him and the most important people in his life.

An at-risk youth program may be the best option for your  son if you’re looking for a professional and nurturing setting that will allow your teenager to embrace positive change while maintaining progress in school, and improving interpersonal relationships. The transformation that occurs in our students at our Asheville, NC location is engaging, inspiring and lasting, with progress you can see from the inside-out.

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Personal and Academic Growth

An at risk teen often benefits from time away from his normal environment, with room to recover and grow in a positive atmosphere. This is just one of the many things we provide at Equinox RTC, a leading at risk youth program for young men ages 14-18 in the form of a residential treatment center. We treat teens who are struggling with anxiety, depression, and learning challenges by providing them a communal setting with individualized attention.

All students continue their education while living at Equinox and completing a transformative program we call The Hero’s Journey, which instills personal values and skills from the inside out. After time in our program, students develop a renewed sense of enthusiasm, quality of life and peace within themselves, positively influencing their relationships at school and home.

No other programs for at risk youth bridges the gap between family and treatment so well. We promote authentic, constructive communication between each member of the family so everyone is involved in the path to healing. Our therapy is rooted in clinical psychology with proven success of working individually with young men to help them overcome bullying, loss, low self-esteem, intellectual challenges, anxiety and more.  {Term} {City}

Located near the beautiful and peaceful city of Asheville, NC, Equinox RTC treats young men, helping families repair broken lives and build a brighter future. We look forward to discussing how our program can help your son become the best version of himself.

Lasting Results For Struggling Teens In At Risk Youth Programs

Amidst the challenges facing at-risk teens, there’s also the need to lead a normal life, which we provide at Equinox RTC. One of the components families love about our program is the student life we offer for  teens ages 14-18 in the beautiful hills of Asheville, NC. We provide a therapeutic environment that is enjoyable and effective, something you won’t find at many at risk youth programs. You won’t find  a cold institutional setting here or detached staff members; instead, your son will engage in school and physical activities in addition to his counseling sessions. We create a normal living atmosphere through main activities that emphasize the mind and body connection:

  • Academics — School comes first for our residents and regardless of how much time your son needs to spend with us, we never let schoolwork suffer. Many students arrive with failing or less-than-desirable academics and wish to turn their academic careers around. Not only do we help your son reach his potential personally, we help him excel in the classroom, providing personalized tips to help him focus and succeed for his learning style.
  • Physical Health — A strong body is also the sign of a strong mind, and we at Equinox RTC believe that a positive mind is also driven by a healthy outlook on life. It’s scientifically proven that fitness helps depression, stress and a myriad of emotional issues. By integrating health and fitness into the daily routine, you son will have a healthy mind and body which translates to a better life.
  • Service — While the program at Equinox is all about your son’s personal growth and the health of your family, we instill in our students that with progress comes the responsibility to give back. While the past traumas in a student’s life can lead him to seeing the world narrowly and selfishly, service trips to places like animal shelters, food banks, nature centers and more help our young men realize the vast challenges facing the greater community and help them to find purpose and fulfillment in giving back to others in need.

If you think your son could benefit from the lifestyle here at Equinox RTC, contact us to learn more about our program, philosophy and how we can help your family.