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Residential Treatment Center for Boys Ages 14-18

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Residential Programs For Troubled Youth for Families From North Dakota

Getting Help For Your Teen at Residential Programs For Troubled Youth from North Dakota

No parent wants to see their son struggle with behavioral or emotional challenges. At Equinox RTC, one of the leading Residential Programs For Troubled Youth from North Dakota, we help infuse light into the lives of young men who have experienced struggles in the past. Residential Programs For Troubled Youth North Dakota

Many Residential Programs For Troubled Youth focus on treating specific problem areas within students. At Equinox RTC, our holistic approach to therapy helps heal the entire individual: mind, body, and spirit. As a clinically intensive program based on the specific needs of young men, Equinox incorporates a variety of therapeutic techniques including adventure therapy, individual therapy, and specialized group therapy

Located just outside of North Carolina, Equinox helps teens and families from all over the country, including North Dakota. According to many studies, being removed from their everyday environment can help teens focus on their own personal growth and healing.

Unlike other Residential Programs For Troubled Youth, we support growth and change in young men through an individualized approach to therapy and academics. Every aspect of our programming is designed to meet the specific developmental and emotional needs of teen boys between the ages of 14 and 18.

Our professional, caring staff help students achieve long lasting success by improving relationships skills and addressing the challenges each individual student faces.

Finding The Best Therapeutic Solution For Your North Dakota Teen

Parents searching for Residential Programs For Troubled Youth from North Dakota may have a frustrating and difficult task ahead of them. Sending your son to residential program for troubled youth that’s far away from home can feel like one of the hardest decisions you€™ll ever make for your son. But it’s worth it in the end. At Equinox, we understand how hard this time is for parents. Our therapeutic program includes the family in every step of the therapeutic process in order to ensure lasting healing. Residential Programs For Troubled Youth North Dakota

To help guide North Dakota teens along their journey towards healing, our program utilizes the archetypal hero’s journey as a metaphor for the successful advancement of students through difficult challenges in their lives. Through their hero’s journey, each student experiences personal and psychological improvement through empowerment and learning more about who they are as people.

As one of the leading Residential Programs For Troubled Youth from North Dakota, Equinox specializes in helping North Dakota teens struggling with trauma and addictive behaviors heal and overcome their difficulties. We utilize top of the line therapeutic techniques to help struggling young men from North Dakota find success and happiness. Therapeutic tools we utilize include:

  • Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT)
  • Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR)
  • Somatic Experiencing
  • Gender-specific addictions treatments

Our programming is based in recreational and holistic approaches. Experiential based therapy helps change negative behavioral patterns and encourages self confidence and relationship building.

Who does Equinox RTC help?

Equinox RTC helps North Dakota teens in a Residential Programs For Troubled Youth setting who are struggling with issues similar to those below:
Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA): The ADAA provides a variety of information about mental health struggles, specifically anxiety and depression. It has articles and resources pertaining to issues like OCD, panic disorder, PTSD, and Bipolar Disorder. On their website, they share inspiring stories of people who have triumphed over their mental illness through treatment and self care.  
Mental Health : Website of the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, MentalHealth.gov provides a wide variety of resources on mental illness, for sufferers of any age. Ranging from the struggles that people with mental illness encounter daily, to coping mechanisms, descriptions, and research, MentalHealth.gov is an invaluable resource for teens and parents alike.


Who does Equinox RTC help?

Equinox RTC helps North Dakota teens in a Residential Programs For Troubled Youth setting who are struggling with issues similar to those below:
– Impulse Control
– Family Dysfunction
– Low Self Esteem
– Addictive Behaviors
– Adoption Issues
– Trauma
– Defiance
– Poor Relationship Choices
– Social Issues
– Nonverbal Learning Disorder
– Anxiety
– Asperger’s Disorder

Resources for North Dakota Families Seeking Help

– Self Harm
– Depression
Residential Programs For Troubled Youth North Dakota

Equinox RTC Helps Families From North Dakota

Equinox RPFTY helps North Dakota families from cities and towns like: Bismarck Minot West Fargo Fargo Grand Forks Oakes

Equinox RTC helps North Dakota families from:

Some examples of cities from North Dakota which may have families who may be interested in Equinox RPFTY include: Fargo Bismarck Grand Forks Bismarck Minot
Residential Programs For Troubled Youth North Dakota

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Equinox RTC helps North Dakota families from zip codes like these: