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Residential Treatment Center for Boys Ages 14-18

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Residential Treatment Center

Equinox Residential Treatment Center can help your teen son find success

“The darkest hour of the night comes just before the dawn”- Unknown

Equinox RTC is a residential treatment center for young men ages 14-18 struggling to achieve success. Every aspect of Equinox’s programming is designed to meet the specific emotional and developmental needs of boys in that age group.

Equinox’s specialization is in helping young men struggling with trauma, depression, and other challenges hindering them from achieving success in their everyday life. At Equinox, students are surrounded by therapeutic professionals who have worked for decades in the behavioral health field. The therapeutic, academic, and residential staff at Equinox collaborate closely to determine the most conducive plan for each individual student.

Equinox’s unique focus on recreational therapy is catered to the specific therapeutic needs of teen boys. Historically,  male adolescents do not do as well in traditional therapeutic environments. Because of this, Equinox has incorporated recreational activities throughout their programming.

Students have the opportunity to  participate in a variety of activities including:

  • Rock climbing
  • Canoeing
  • Skiing
  • Biking
  • Hiking
  • Whitewater Rafting

On campus, Equinox has a variety of facilities specifically designed to promote health and wellness including one of the country’s oldest open-air gymnasiums, an outdoor pool, a huge waterslide, amphitheater, basketball court, tennis court, athletic field, fishing ponds and hiking trails.

In every aspect of treatment, Equinox takes a holistic approach to therapy. Instead of treating specific “challenge areas”, Equinox treats the entire individual. Throughout the therapeutic process, there are specially designed therapeutic techniques to heal a student’s mind, body, and spirit.

Throughout their time at Equinox, students follow a therapeutic path modeled closely with the archetypal Hero’s Journey. As they progress through treatment, their success is mirrored through the Hero’s Journey. Learn more about this idea here >>>

For more information about Equinox RTC and how we can help your son find success, please call 877-279-8925.

Residential Treatment Center: Finding Help For Your Teen

A residential treatment center is a mental health facility where individuals stay to receive treatment for an extended period of time. Length of stay at residential treatment centers can range from several months to a year. Many residential treatment centers are specifically designed to help teens of a certain age range or gender work through emotional and/or behavioral challenges. 

“The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential…these are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence”- Confucius

A residential treatment center is a unique form of treatment because of its focus on creating a therapeutic environment on campus which inspires growth and healing. Unlike traditional therapeutic models such as mental health hospitals, many residential treatment centers are intended to create warm, home-like settings in which teens can achieve success. Residential treatment centers staff experienced professionals to help teens work through their difficulties.

Why choose a residential treatment center for your teen?

If your teen has received outpatient therapy in the past and it hasn’t provided the care and attention that he needs, it may be time to consider a residential treatment center as an option. Residential treatment centers remove teens from the distractions of their everyday life, whether that be negative peer influences, technology, or the hecticness of their schedule. Instead, teens can begin to look inward and determine what is causing them to struggle from day to day. 

Many parents turn to residential treatment centers when their teen has difficulty functioning on a daily basis. If your teen struggles to go to school or even get out of bed in the morning, it may be time to consider residential treatment centers as an option for them. A residential treatment center setting provides the resources, such as Master’s level therapists and specialized group therapy sessions, to help teens overcome whatever challenge they face.

Who can a residential treatment center help?

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started” – Mark Twain

Like any form of intensive therapeutic treatment, residential treatment centers vary in targeted age groups and genders. Most commonly, residential treatment centers help teenagers and young adults who face common behavioral or emotional challenges which can be treated through a variety of therapeutic techniques. Residential treatment centers can treat a wide range of mental health issues, depending on each individual. residential treatment centerTreatment and length of stay are usually determined on an individual basis at residential treatment centers.

Here are a few examples of behavioral and emotional challenges that a residential treatment center might help teens work through:

  • Trauma
  • Depression
  • Body Image Issues
  • Disordered Eating
  • Defiance
  • Substance Experimentation
  • Impulsive Behaviors
  • Learning Disorders
  • Anxiety

If any of the issues above are struggles your child faces, you may want to consider residential treatment centers as a therapeutic option for your teen.


A study conducted by Colgate University found impressive results after surveying a group of students attending a residential treatment center in Massachusetts. Of those parents and students surveyed, a majority felt as though a huge transformation had taken place while the child received treatment.

Out of all of students surveyed, nearly half had been so transformed that they were able to return to their traditional school setting (whether that be high school or university) after graduation.

Before treatment, the average student at this residential treatment center reported having been suspended an average of 1.5 times and ran away from home 1.1 times. However, after receiving treatment, those numbers went down to 0. Parents found that their child had much reduced substance experimentation, and had stopped skipping school and getting into trouble in the classroom.

Another study conducted by Utah State University found a significant decrease in the amount of students reporting challenges with academics and socializing after attending a residential treatment center. This study aimed to understand the progress of students within a residential treatment which had a recreational focus, much like Equinox.

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At Equinox RTC, we help young men dealing with struggles ranging from trauma tfo anxiety to depression. A new study coming out of Northwestern University found a new way of helping reduce depression and anxiety symptoms. In the study, 13 smartphone apps were found to reduce depression and anxiety symptoms in participants. These results were comparable to what you would find in clinical practice using psychotherapy or antidepressant medication.



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Programs For Troubled Teens

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