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Residential Treatment Center for Boys Ages 14-18

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Residential Treatment Center for Families From Maine

Families Trust Equinox: A Residential Treatment Center for Maine Teens

Equinox is a residential treatment center for Maine teens struggling with trauma or loss, depression, relationship deterioration, and impulsive and addictive behaviors. Each child’s journey is different, which is why our residential treatment center is specifically designed for young men ages 14 to 18. Through our therapeutic program Maine youth build accountability, respect, and develop solution-oriented approaches to solving their challenges. 

Although Equinox is not located in Maine, we help teens from all over the country find success.

Unlike other residential treatment centers for Maine boys, Equinox believes in focusing on inside-out change, rather than compliance. Residential treatment centers historical focus is on compliance; at Equinox, we believe that this Residential Treatment Center Maineapproach results in short-lived changes for most teens.

Our residential treatment center works on generating compliance through relationship-based and principle-centered focus. Each teen has the choice to comply, making principles of respect, responsibility, love, family relationships, and personal growth more likely to be experienced and self-sustained.

Equinox is a private, owner-operated program for Maine youth. Our founders are clinicians, educators, and residential staff, who are an active role on campus daily and are regularly involved in activities with students. We believe that people are the benefactors of long-lasting inspiration and growth in the lives of youth. Which is why everyone involved in each student’s journey at Equinox are qualified, caring professional who have been trained using evidence-based and cutting-edge therapeutic approaches.

To learn more about how Equinox can help your struggling son from Maine, please call 877-279-8925.
Residential Treatment Center Maine

Who does Equinox RTC help?

Equinox RTC helps Maine teens in a Residential Treatment Center setting who are struggling with issues similar to those below:
– Adoption Issues
– Defiance
– Self Harm
– Poor Relationship Choices
– Family Dysfunction
– Asperger’s Disorder
– Nonverbal Learning Disorder
– Grief and Loss
– Impulse Control
– Addictive Behaviors
– Low Self Esteem
– Trauma
– Anxiety
– Depression

Equinox Residential Treatment Center Helps Maine Families Find Success

Equinox Residential Treatment Center has helped multiple families around the United States find success through the three pillars of our clinical approach. The three-pillar approach forms a solid foundation for positive growth and development for Maine teens who are struggling with the many common mental health issues today. 

Residential Treatment Center Maine

The Three Pillars of our Clinical Approach Include:

  1. Relationship-Based: At Equinox, we believe developing healthy relationships with staff and peers is an important part of achieve success. Therapeutic connection through relationship is the number one factor for change. To achieve this at our residential treatment center for Maine youth, we hire and train our staff to effectively foster and maintain positive relationships with our students and families. Through these relationships healing and change occurs.
  2. Principle-Driven: Helping young men develop a positive value system is also an important part of our program. We help promote internal growth in our students by a process of interventions directed at helping boys embrace values and become young men of character. When Maine boys develop these values and they become internal and solid, that is when change becomes solid.
  3. Experientially-Applied:  This therapeutic approach uses experiences to shift Maine teens thinking and perspective both cognitively and emotionally. Many adolescents resist or avoid change; experiential therapy can be new activities that are fun, challenging, uncomfortable, and physical. Through this process, teens receive therapeutic benefits without even realizing it. These activities help dismantle old ways of being and present new and healthy concepts that shift teens to take in new perspectives and ways of thinking.

Resources for Maine Families Seeking Help

Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA) : The Anxiety and Depression Association of America provides information and services specifically focused on various anxiety disorders and depression. It is a great resource for both professionals and families in need of more information on these mental health disorders. The anxiety disorders ADAA provides resources on include GAD, PTSD, OCD, panic disorder, specific phobias, bipolar disorder, and other related conditions. They also make it a priority to provide information that educates individuals on stigmas and misconceptions about mental health.
Psychology Today : Psychology Today has a directory of experienced therapists from around the United States who specialize in different mental health fields. They offer various articles discussing new topics in the mental health field, written by therapeutic specialists. Their directory can be used by parents from any state as a resource to find local help for youth struggling with mental health.

Residential Treatment Center Maine

Equinox RTC Helps Families From Maine

Some examples of cities from Maine which may have families who may be interested in Equinox RTC include: Portland Islesboro Phippsburg West Bath Bowdoinham

Equinox RTC helps Maine families from:

Equinox RTC helps Maine families from cities and towns like: Islesboro Phippsburg West Bath Bowdoinham Town of Richmond Bath

Residential Treatment Center Maine

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Equinox RTC helps Maine families from zip codes like these: