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Residential Treatment Center for Boys Ages 14-18

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Residential Treatment Center for Families From Nevada

Families Trust Equinox: A Residential Treatment Center for Nevada Teens

Equinox is a residential treatment center for Nevada teens struggling with trauma or loss, depression, relationship deterioration, and impulsive and addictive behaviors. Each child’s journey is different, which is why our residential treatment center is specifically designed for young men ages 14 to 18. Through our therapeutic program Nevadayouth build accountability, respect, and develop solution-oriented approaches to solving their challenges. 

Although Equinox is not located in Nevada, we help teens from all over the country find success.

Unlike other residential treatment centers for Nevada boys, Equinox believes in focusing on inside-out change, rather than compliance. Residential treatment centers historical focus is on compliance; at Equinox, we believe that this Residential Treatment Center Nevadaapproach results in short-lived changes for most teens.

Our residential treatment center works on generating compliance through relationship-based and principle-centered focus. Each teen has the choice to comply, making principles of respect, responsibility, love, family relationships, and personal growth more likely to be experienced and self-sustained.

Equinox is a private, owner-operated program for Nevada youth. Our founders are clinicians, educators, and residential staff, who are an active role on campus daily and are regularly involved in activities with students. We believe that people are the benefactors of long-lasting inspiration and growth in the lives of youth. Which is why everyone involved in each student’s journey at Equinox are qualified, caring professional who have been trained using evidence-based and cutting-edge therapeutic approaches.

To learn more about how Equinox can help your struggling son from Nevada, please call 877-279-8925.

Finding Help for Your Nevada Teen at Equinox Residential Treatment Center

Families searching for the right residential treatment center for their Nevada teen can be challenging. Equinox Residential Treatment Center offers some of the most advanced therapeutic techniques in the country. The Hero’s Journey is an important part of our program at Equinox, we believe that each student has the ability to be their own hero. Through the multiple concepts and phases within the Hero’s Journey, students experience growth and change. Equinox also provides multiple other therapeutic approaches to help each individual’s needs. Residential Treatment Center Nevada

Some of the other therapeutic approaches our residential treatment center offers include:

  • Milieu Therapy: At Equinox, we use an experiential approach that uses the residential environment to help boys observe and experience change in everyday experiences. Milieu Therapy provides intervention that is nearly impossible to experience in traditional therapy settings. Positive peer culture is a therapeutic approach that utilizes the social culture of our residential treatment center for Nevada teens to create healthy changes in our students.
  • Adventure Therapy: Adventure Therapy at Equinox, provides students with the ability to have meaningful learning opportunities through recreational activities such as mountain biking, canoeing, hiking, and rafting. Though these activities boys learn how to work together as a team, building trust and caring relationships.
  • Psychiatric Services: Equinox provides a psychiatrist on staff who manages the medication and treatment needs of our students. Psychiatric care and medication management are a vital part of the holistic treatment approach. Many of our students who come to our program on medications, have positive responses to treatment that they eventually reduce or eliminate the need for medications.

Treatment For Teens : Treatment for Teens provides resources for parents of adolescents who are having challenges with behavioral and emotional issues. Their website contains various articles that discuss specific mental health diagnosis, new research, and current mental health news, which can be helpful for families looking for more information on how to help their struggling teen. Their resources include parenting tips and expert advice to help any parent concerned about their teen.
The American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (AACAP) : The AACAP is an organization focused on promoting the mental wellbeing of young people. Their site is useful for parents who are seeking local physicians and information on mental health treatment. They have useful sections that are organized for families by topics relating to the needs of their child or loved one.

Who does Equinox RTC help?

Equinox RTC helps Nevada teens in a Residential Treatment Center setting who are struggling with issues similar to those below:
– Poor Relationship Choices
– Anxiety
– Addictive Behaviors
– Asperger’s Disorder
– Self Harm
– Grief and Loss
– Trauma
– Adoption Issues
– Impulse Control
– Social Issues
– Nonverbal Learning Disorder
– Depression

Resources for Nevada Families Seeking Help

– Low Self Esteem
– Defiance
Residential Treatment Center Nevada

Equinox RTC Helps Families From Nevada

Equinox RTC helps Nevada families from cities and towns like: Incline Village Genoa Zephyr Cove Verdi-Mogul Stateline Minden Reno Wellington Gardnerville Sparks

Equinox RTC helps Nevada families from:

Some examples of cities from Nevada which may have families who may be interested in Equinox RTC include: Las Vegas Henderson Reno North Las Vegas Sparks Carson
Residential Treatment Center Nevada

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Equinox RTC helps Nevada families from zip codes like these: