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Residential Treatment Center for Boys Ages 14-18

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nonverbal learning disorders

A Parent’s Guide: Help for Nonverbal Learning Disorders

A Parent’s Guide: Help for Nonverbal Learning Disorders

Nonverbal learning disorders can create challenges in the lives of boys. As a parent, finding the best way to help them cope with this disorder can be challenging also. All parents want their children to be successful at school and get the education they deserve. So it is important that you do not let a nonverbal learning disorder get in the way of that.

Challenges Faced By Teens With Nonverbal Learning Disorders

Nonverbal learning disorders can cause a lot of stress on your child. He may deal with the following challenges associated with nonverbal learning disorders:

  • Feeling disliked. Your son may feel like others do not like him. Your child may be often angry or upset at home and at school he may feel anxious around other students. This is because he may be misreading other people’s emotions or responses, especially in unstructured social situations.
  • Peer avoidance. Your son may be uninteresting in joining any school activities or club and resort to only hanging around kids younger than him such as younger cousins. The issue is that your child probably knows they are socially awkward so they avoid situations that could be stressful or embarrassing.
  • A little all over the place. Your child may also seem quite scattered. Their essays may be poorly organized or at home, they may have a hard time completing tasks. This is because nonverbal learning disorders are often associated with poor organizational skills.  

The Good News

There is a positive side to all of this. There is help available for your son to work on his nonverbal learning struggles. Finding the best resource may be the hardest part, but with professional help, things will be made a lot easier. Therapy can sound intimidating. However, it can be a great way for your son to address their struggles head on with the help of a qualified professional. After you have received proper assessment, you and your son’s doctor can work to develop a therapeutic plan that will fit their unique needs.

Equinox RTC can help

Equinox is a residential treatment center that helps boys ages 14-18 who struggle with addiction or exhibit addictive behaviors. Equinox offers a unique treatment program designed to fit each individual’s specific needs. This treatment center has a supportive environment that helps students heal from the inside-out. They will be exposed to both positive and negative outcomes as a part of equipping them to cope with the challenges that the real world can bring. Students develop a healthy sense of social and emotional awareness and learn how to incorporate good habits into their daily lives. Equinox enforces a positive change in the lives of young men and offers them a fresh start at a happy and healthy future. We can help your family today!

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