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Residential Treatment Center for Boys Ages 14-18

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causes of ptsd

Causes of PTSD: It Could Be Hiding in Your Genes

Causes of PTSD: It Could Be Hiding in Your Genes

Though many causes of PTSD are known, there are many that remain mysterious. Researchers still struggle to understand what exactly can cause an adolescent to struggle with PTSD even though they’ve seemingly never experienced anything “traumatic”–new research is shedding light on this, though. While we already know that early traumatic events can have an enormous impact on a child later in life–even if they don’t actually remember the event–we don’t truly know why some children will develop PTSD and why others won’t. A new study may explain this, though.

Genetics could be one of the causes of PTSD

Now, this isn’t saying that someone is going to develop PTSD if they’ve never experienced something traumatic–it’s saying that some people have a higher risk of responding to traumatic events with PTSD. The study brought together data from more than 20,000 individuals around the world, giving a very large and causes of ptsddiverse sample size for the study. The researchers discovered that those who have a higher genetic risk of developing certain mental disorders also had a higher risk of developing PTSD after a traumatic event, which leads them to believe genetics have a hand in the causes of PTSD. The author of the study, Laramie Duncan, spoke about the importance of this information: “PTSD may be one of the most preventable of psychiatric disorders…There are interventions effective in preventing PTSD shortly after a person experiences a traumatic event. But they are too resource-intensive to give to everyone. Knowing more about people’s genetic risk for PTSD may help clinicians target interventions more effectively and it helps us understand the underlying biological mechanisms.” Basically, she’s saying that we can’t treat every individual with the same resources after a traumatic event–but if we know someone is more predisposed to PTSD, we can allocate more resources to helping them through the rough time. Hopefully, more research will be poured into this area and we will be better equipped to immediately treat individuals after traumatic experiences. If you believe your son is struggling with a mental health issue like PTSD, it is critical to seek out professional guidance. Hoping the issue will resolve itself over time can lead to terrible consequences down the road–get ahead of the problem and help your child thrive.

Equinox is here for your family

Equinox RTC is a residential treatment center for teen boys, ages 14 – 18. Our students often need help for depression, anxiety, trauma, ADHD, drug use, and other behavioral or emotional issues. We strive to help students develop healthy habits and lead themselves back onto a path of success through meaningful therapy and a nurturing environment. At Equinox, teenagers work towards building accountability, respect, and a solution-oriented approach to solving their challenges. For more information about how we can help with causes of PTSD at Equinox, contact us today at (877) 279-8925