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Residential Treatment Center for Boys Ages 14-18

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out of control teen son

Getting Your Son to Shine: Help for Out of Control Teen Son

Getting Your Son to Shine: Help for Out of Control Teen Son

Yes, boys will be boys. But some behavior cannot be excused as such. Instead, your teenage son may simply be out of control. Parenting can feel like a power struggle and exhausting. It may feel like you are always talking just for them to never listen. It may feel like it’s always something. Your son stays getting into some kind of trouble and you stay having to bail him out. You may feel both hopeless and helpless. But rest assured, there is hope. There are things you can do to tame your out-of-control teenager. Help for your out of control teen son begins at home. out of control teen son

4 Ways to Better Days

Getting your son’s behavior under control is not something that can happen overnight. It is a learning process for both you and him. However, with a positive attitude and patience, you can help your teen improve their troubling behaviors.

Here are four methods that you should practice at home:


  • Stop and analyze. Oftentimes, parents resort to blaming themselves for their child’s behavior. Do not do this. This is not a situation where you even need to put the blame on someone. Instead, you need to initiate the change. It’s about who is willing to take responsibility to address the situation. The only way to move forward is to stop looking behind us. Previous mistakes are irrelevant. Today is the day. Look at the situation NOW and come up with a plan to influence a positive change.
  • Approach the situation mindfully. The way you confront your teen has the ability to determine the outcome. If you lash out at them or play the blame game, they are likely to respond negatively. You do not need to feel like you have to engage in every argument your teen invites you to. Be stern and let them know when their behavior is unacceptable, but don’t engage in the back-and-forth nonsense.
  • Use consequences. Positive and negative consequences are the best way to teach children about behaviors that are acceptable and unacceptable. As a parent, it can be difficult to watch your child suffer negative consequences. However, this is a vital part of growing up and maturing for them. Allow them room to fail and learn. Hold them accountable in your home. Make clear the consequences that you will enforce based off of what you feel is appropriate.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Often times reaching peace with your teen can feel impossible and exhausting. You may feel alone in your struggle, but you are not. Rest assured knowing many parents struggle with these types of situations. Don’t hesitate to ask for support from friends, family, and professionals. Based on the situation, seeking professional help may be the best solution for your teen.


Equinox RTC can help

Equinox is a residential treatment center that helps boys ages 14-18 who struggle with addiction or exhibit addictive behaviors. Equinox offers a unique treatment program designed to fit each individual’s specific needs. This treatment center has a supportive environment that helps students heal from the inside-out. They will be exposed to both positive and negative outcomes as a part of equipping them to cope with the challenges that the real world can bring. Students develop a healthy sense of social and emotional awareness and learn how to incorporate good habits into their daily lives. Equinox enforces a positive change in the lives of young men and offers them a fresh start at a happy and healthy future. We can help your family today!


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