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Residential Treatment Center for Boys Ages 14-18

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Hand-held Devices and Health: When Social Media becomes a Problem

Hand-held Devices and Health: When Social Media becomes a Problem

We live in world of filtering and flaunting our happiest moments. Social media provides a thrilling yet threatening experience for teenage users. What is supposed to be a positive platform can quickly plunge one into a state of dependency and addiction. Because of technologies prominence, it’s rare to catch someone without their device on hand or in-hand for that matter.

Teens are the targeted crowd. Social media loves teens and teens love social media. As a parent, you should monitor your child’s social media use and help them set personal boundaries to avoid the possibility of developing an addiction to the virtual world. Here are some behaviors that can indicate that your teen is devoting too much time to their device and the social media world:

  1. Withdrawing from or avoiding face-to-face interaction
  2.  Exhibiting anxiety, stress, or becoming overwhelmed by normal routines
  3.  Grades begin to slip, and assignments reflect poor work or are left undone
  4.  Avoidance of real life responsibilities, such as chores or homework
  5.  Ill at ease, ill-equipped or unresponsive to people in front of them
  6.  Phubbing—teens snub people next to them by looking down at their phone
  7. Phones begin to create conflict in their closest relationships

The Importance of Addressing the Issue

If your teen displays symptoms of social media addiction, you should confront the issue immediately. Even if they are not showing symptoms of this, you should consider taking preventative measures anyways. It is easy to gradually fall into the technology trap without being aware of it. First, develop a reasonable plan with your teen. Make sure they are devoting time on a daily basis in which they are intentionally device-free. Being away from their phones has many benefits. In addition to preventing addictive behaviors, it forces them to engage with the world around them, use face-to-face communication, and enjoy activities without device distraction. Start today and help your teen know when to power off.

Equinox can help

Equinox is a residential treatment center that helps boys ages 14-18 who struggle with addiction or exhibit addictive behaviors. A unique treatment program is designed to fit each individual’s specific needs. This treatment center has a supportive environment that helps students heal from the inside-out. Also, they will be exposed to both positive and negative outcomes as a part of equipping them to cope with the challenges that the real world can bring. As a result, students develop a healthy sense of social and emotional awareness and learn how to incorporate good habits into their daily lives. Equinox enforces a positive change in the lives of young men and offers them a fresh start at a happy and healthy future. We can help your family today!

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