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Residential Treatment Center for Boys Ages 14-18

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help for troubled son

Help for Troubled Son Away from Home: Why Choose Residential Treatment

Help for Troubled Son Away from Home: Why Choose Residential Treatment

help for troubled son Teens can be difficult during their adolescent years. This is often due to a new wave of hormones, societal standards, and peer pressure can be overwhelming for them and their attitude may reflect that. Often, some of these behaviors are “normal” teenage behaviors. However, this type of normality does have boundaries. Once these boundaries are surpassed it becomes troubled behavior. Warning signs that your teen may be troubled include:
  • constant escalation of arguments
  • violence at home
  • skipping school
  • getting in fights
  • run-ins with the law
  • rapid changes in personality
  • falling grades
  • persistent sadness
  • anxiety
  • evidence of cutting and self-harm 
  • extreme weight loss or weight gain
These are signs that could indicate that your teen has crossed the threshold from normal teenage behavior to troubled behavior. Because of this, you should not ignore these signs and handle them with care. Consider residential treatment as an effective treatment option that can provide help for your troubled son.

Why Residential?

Residential treatment, in a brief definition, is a live-in health care facility that provides therapeutic help for individuals who may be struggling with mental illnesses or other problems. These programs allow individuals to leave their current environment and set themselves up in an environment designed for  healing. During this treatment process, they will also have access to licensed professionals. These professionals are able to use their research-based practices to help the student reflect and have experiential growth. Additionally, teens benefit from residential treatment because there is:
  1. A family-inclusion component.
  2. Exposure to a variety of therapy types to help them grow and get outside of their comfort zones.
  3. An emphasis on teaching transferable skills.
  4. Academics, health, and community involvement are not neglected in residential programs.

Seeking Help for Your Son

Initiating is the hardest part. Talking to someone may be uncomfortable for you and/or your son. However, it is the most important part. You should not hesitate to reach out to a professional. Your son will need to be properly assessed to rule out any other health problems. From there, a licensed professional can help your family develop a plan of action towards a healthier future. The teenage years can be a vulnerable time for your child. It is important to confront their struggles head on during this time.

Equinox RTC Can Help

Equinox is a residential treatment center helping boys ages 14-18 who struggle with addiction or exhibit addictive behaviors. Our residential program offers a unique treatment program designed to fit each individual’s specific needs. This treatment center has a supportive environment that helps students heal from the inside-out. They will be exposed to both positive and negative outcomes as a part of equipping them to cope with the challenges that the real world can bring. Students develop a healthy sense of social and emotional awareness. Additionally, they learn how to incorporate good habits into their daily lives. Equinox enforces a positive change in the lives of young men and offers them a fresh start at a happy and healthy future. We can help your family today! Contact us at 877-279-8925.  

Equinox RTC is a highly skilled and empathetic group of professionals dedicated to empowering and guiding young individuals on their path towards healing and growth, fostering resilience, and cultivating lasting positive change. Contact them at (877) 279-8925