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Residential Treatment Center for Boys Ages 14-18

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Signs of Depression In Teen Boys: Getting Help The average person will spend more than 7,000 hours of life in school, making it the ideal platform for identifying signs of mental health struggles and instilling good habits. However, most schools focus

Context is Key in Teen Trauma Diagnosis The impact of trauma varies depending on a variety of factors, not just the type of events leading to post-traumatic stress. As a result of growing research on the impact of trauma, researchers are

Benefit of Recreation Activities for Teen Boys Not all types of therapy focus on talking about emotions and problem behaviors. There is a growing field of research that emphasizes the importance of participating in fun recreation activities as well as learning

Is Vaping a Safer Alternative to Smoking for Teens?  It’s been over 60 years since Congress mandated health warnings be labeled on packs of cigarettes and 40 since advertising was banned on radio and television, but in recent years, teen nicotine

Importance of Building Relationships with Therapists Building relationships with therapists based on openness, trust, and collaboration is more important for young people than the type of therapy they receive. While it takes time to feel comfortable opening up to a new