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Residential Treatment Center for Boys Ages 14-18

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self control in teens

Self Control in Teens Needed to Overcome Future Challenges

Self Control in Teens Needed to Overcome Future Challenges

Impulsivity might as be every teenager’s middle name. If you’re the parent of a teen, you know exactly what I’m referring to: the absolute lack of caution towards danger, the random mood swings, the “holier than thou” attitude. When this impulsivity is dangerous or out of hand, it can become toxic. Self control in teens is incredibly important for growing into a successful, healthy adult—and if your teen is struggling in that area, it may be time to look into options. 

Furthermore, new research has shown that self control in teens can help them get through tough times easier than those who are more impulsive.

Research shows why self control in teens is important

As adults, we tend to know that when we make a mistake, there’s probably something to learn from it and a way to move past it. For teens, this isn’t always apparent and it can cause some serious issues when it comes to self-confidence.

Let’s say we have a young man in high school that’s taking biology. He’s been struggling in biology and he fails yet another exam. If he’s had no guidance on how to deal with that failure and learn from it, it’s possible that this one moment could be extremely difficult to move past. He may fall apart under the pressure of failing yet again.

This is where self control in teens can be applied. If he’s been taught tactics on how to take that failure, assess how he could do better, who he can possibly go to for guidance, and more, then this failure shouldn’t be a setback at all–it should actually help him move forward.

Research has shown that self control in teens can actually be taught–it’s not a trait you just have or don’t. With the right support, guidance, and help, it’s possible to teach yourself how to control your immediate responses and work through things productively.  

Self control can lead you to future success

Developing self control in teens has been shown to improve their academic performance, lower stress, and give a deeper sense of confidence. Having a high IQ and great test scores can only get you so far–if you aren’t equipped with the tools to deal with the challenges of life in adulthood, you won’t get very far.

With self control, a teen will have the ability to face mistakes and setbacks, work through them, and use them to improve in the future.  

Equinox is here for your son

Equinox RTC is a residential treatment center for teen boys, ages 14 – 18. Our students often need help for depression, anxiety, trauma, ADHD, self control in teens, drug use, and other behavioral or emotional issues.

We strive to help students develop healthy habits and lead themselves back onto a path of success through meaningful therapy and a nurturing environment. At Equinox, teenagers work towards building accountability, respect, and a solution-oriented approach to solving their challenges.

For more information about how we help with self control in teens at Equinox, contact us today at (877) 279-8925