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Residential Treatment Center for Boys Ages 14-18

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When Tech Isn’t Helping: Technology Addiction in Teens

When Tech Isn’t Helping: Technology Addiction in Teens

Technology addiction in teens is increasingly becoming an issue. All over the world, reports of issues with technology have been popping up–particularly in countries where teens are known to live very stressful lives, like Japan or China. For at-risk teens, technology could have even deeper implications, though. A new study has discovered that struggling teenagers who use technology tend to use it in unhealthy ways that only worsen their mental state.

Study shows that technology can cause more issues

technology addiction in teensTechnology is created to help us–but that doesn’t mean that it can’t do the opposite. In a recent study conducted by Duke University, researchers found that “more use of technology is linked to later increases in attention, behavior, and self-regulation problems for adolescents already at risk for mental health issues.” On days that the at-risk adolescents used technology more, it was found that there were higher ADHD symptoms and conduct issues (lying, fighting, etc.) compared to when they used technology less. Furthermore, the study found that adolescents who tended to spend more time online had issues with conduct and self-regulation (ability to control one’s emotions) 18 months down the line. The researchers think that technology use could potentially predict whether a teen is going to experience behavioral issues in the future. This information could definitely aid professionals, parents, and teachers in intervening before issues worsen.  

So, should we limit screen-time for our kids?

Now, I’m not going around screaming about the “technological apocalypse” or anything. The internet, cellphones, and even video games are all amazing inventions that have the potential to connect us with others and enrich our lives. But, like anything, it can be misused. Technology addiction in teens is not yet considered a “real” diagnosis, but many professionals believe that it will be soon. The way social media or video games have the ability to increase dopamine and adrenaline responses in the young brain can lead teens to misuse it. So, the answer–I think–is yes. We should limit exposure, but not completely. It’s incredibly important to know how to utilize the internet and current technologies. It’s a large part of our lives today, which means your child needs to know how to use it. Unfettered access is unnecessary and potentially damaging, though. Instead, think about ways to decrease use and teach your teen how to use technology in a healthy and helpful way. If you believe your son may be struggling with technology addiction in teens, it’s critical to seek out a professional for guidance.

Equinox helps with technology addiction in teens

Equinox RTC is a residential treatment center for teen boys, ages 14 – 18. Our students often need help for depression, anxiety, technology addiction in teens, trauma, ADHD, drug use, and other behavioral or emotional issues. We strive to help students develop healthy habits and lead themselves back onto a path of success through meaningful therapy and a nurturing environment. At Equinox, teenagers work towards building accountability, respect, and a solution-oriented approach to solving their challenges. For more information about how we treat technology addiction in teens at Equinox, contact us today at (877) 279-8925

Equinox RTC is a highly skilled and empathetic group of professionals dedicated to empowering and guiding young individuals on their path towards healing and growth, fostering resilience, and cultivating lasting positive change. Contact them at (877) 279-8925