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Residential Treatment Center for Boys Ages 14-18

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Teen Residential Treatment Center: Spotlight on Boys’ Mental Health

Teen Residential Treatment Center: Spotlight on Boys’ Mental Health

As a teen residential treatment center for boys, we’re hugely interested in new studies and information about mental health. Gender stereotypes and norms obviously affect both boys and girls, but we’d like to focus on the effects of these things on the male psyche this time around.

A new study by the American Psychological Association discovered a strong link between “sexist masculine norms” and mental health issues in men. We’d like to delve into why this may be the case and how to avoid these issues with your own son.

Misogynistic behavior linked to mental health issues

This wasn’t a small study, which is why it’s so difficult for the world to ignore. The study looked at 20 years worth of data from almost 20,000 men–that’s a pretty ideal time span and sample size. In the data, the researchers found that typical “traditional notions of masculinity” were strongly linked to mental health issues in men. What do they mean by “traditionally masculine”? teen residential treatment centerHere are the aspects they identified:

  • Need for emotional control
  • Risk-taking
  • Violence
  • Desire to win
  • Dominance
  • Sexual promiscuity/Playboy behavior
  • Self-reliance
  • Primacy of work
  • Power over women
  • Disdain for homosexuality
  • Pursuit of status

Men who strongly followed these “norms” had a higher chance of developing issues like depression, body image issues, social problems, stress, and substance abuse. Another thing they noticed was that these men were very unlikely to reach out for help or treatment for the issues they were experiencing.

Study confirms what many already thought

Boys are often told that they need to be “strong” and “to not cry.” This is a ridiculous notion. Society is basically telling a whole gender that they must push down their grief, sorrow, and hurt because they need to be “manly.” This makes it even harder for boys going through mental health struggles to reach out for help. This study just shows that the effects of this stereotype and expectation is harmful not just to boys, but to society in general.

Instead of pushing this ideal that boys need to “man up” and take whatever is thrown at them, we should instill empathy and understanding. As a teen residential treatment center for boys, we understand the social norms that are set on the gender hinder mental growth. To get past this, we have to help our sons understand that letting out emotions doesn’t make one weak–it makes them strong.

Our teen residential treatment center can help your son

Equinox RTC is a teen residential treatment center for boys, ages 14 – 18, struggling with depression, anxiety, ADHD, and other behavioral or emotional issues. Our students work towards building accountability, respect, and a solution-oriented approach to solving their challenges with the help our therapeutic approach.

For more information about how our teen residential treatment center for boys at Equinox can help your son succeed, contact us today at (877) 279-8925