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Residential Treatment Center for Boys Ages 14-18

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The Lows about Getting High: Talking with your Teen

The Lows about Getting High: Talking with your Teen

Marijuana is becoming an increasingly popular drug among the teenage population. It is often perceived as harmless and non-consequential. However, that is not really the case. The effects range from the minor— silliness, bloodshot eyes, etc. — all the way to severe — paranoia, depression, and more. Marijuana is a hallucinogen similar to LSD and Ecstasy. It can cause serious problems for teenagers and impact their grip on reality.

There is a never-ending argument about whether or not marijuana is the “gateway” drug that leads to harder drug use. And this certainly is not an argument you should present to your defiant teen. The priority at hand is your teen’s health and well-being. Illegal drug use isn’t exactly setting them up for success. Whatever you do, don’t dismiss your teen’s drug use as simply “being a teen”. Address the situation and talk it out without overreacting.

  • Wait until the child is sober to have the talk. Having the discussion when they are not fully oriented is a hopeless cause.
  • Understand that being accusatory and hostile won’t work. Express your thoughts and concerns in a non-threatening way. This will reinforce that your motivation for the talk comes from a caring and supportive place.
  • Have evidence or at least a firm understanding of the issue at hand. Teens love to jump on the defense and deny. Provide evidence and this will help to shut out the child’s denial tactics.
  • Come up with a plan or solutions to getting your child the help they need. Provide them with professional treatment resources and discuss ways they can stay away from temptation.

After the Intervention

These are some easy tips to follow when approaching the situation with your child. Calmly assessing the situation will make for a much better outcome. In moving forward from the incident you should help set your child up for a clean start

  • Set expectations clearly. Express that drug use will not be tolerated follow up with the consequences that could ensue. By noting the consequences you are displaying your seriousness about the expectation considering you are already prepared with repercussions.
  • Provide the second chance. Let them work towards re-establishing the bond of trust, such as supervising homework and chores but also recognizing a job well done.
  • Pay attention to peers. If your child’s friend is involved in drug use consider contacting the parents. First, it will send a message that drug use will not be tolerated. It can also help the other parents address their children’s drug abuse.

Equinox Residential Treatment Center can help

Equinox is a treatment center designed for boys ages 14-18 who struggle with addictive behaviors and other mental health issues. This program uses a relationship based and principle based level of intervention. It also focuses on relationships and principles as well. Students gain an improved sense of social and emotional awareness and identify healthy coping habits. Equinox gives young boys the opportunity to heal from the inside out and find their happiness again. Let us help your family today!

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