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Residential Treatment Center for Boys Ages 14-18

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COVID-19 Prevention Plan

Equinox RTC is closely monitoring information surrounding the COVID-19 virus and we are notifying all members of our program community of the preventative steps we are taking to protect our staff and students. 



We are strictly following the CDC recommendations for the prevention of the Coronavirus including the implementation of proactive measures for cleaning and disinfecting surfaces and linens 

Medical staff are monitoring daily updates from CDC, WHO, State & Local Health Departments.

All staff have been trained on flu prevention information and on how to identify potential symptoms for COVID-19.

For up-to-date information on the spread of COVID-19, please visit CDC website:



Established a revised screening process for admissions, including questions about recent fevers, travel overseas, and family members’ potential risk factors for the virus. Anyone posing a risk to our treatment centers will not be admitted.

Staff & Students
  • All staff and students are screened daily for symptoms. 
  • Any staff exhibiting flu-like symptoms will be immediately sent home and asked to visit a medical professional for testing. 
  • For any student exhibiting flu-like symptoms, we will immediately contact local health care professionals for the next steps on the appropriate course of action.
  • Students will wear masks when we go on recreation outings. We will gather masks after each off-campus activity and properly disinfect them prior to their next use. 
    • YES! We are still going off-campus. We are so lucky to have bountiful outdoor spaces that allow for social distancing while still engaging in outdoor activities like hiking, swimming, mountain biking, climbing, etc. 
  • Canceling events that would include large gatherings of people
  • New admissions will be screened for flu-like symptoms and transport to our facility will be recommended via driving or private transport only—avoiding air travel.
  • Daily check-ins with students for symptoms
  • Posted signs in all treatment areas and residences explaining the importance of hand sanitation, and illness prevention.

If a student or staff member required testing for COVID-19, we would immediately begin the following response, as current indications are that individuals showing symptoms may have already infected others: 

  • Supply emergency medical masks to staff and students.
  • Gather staff and students in a safe location where they can maintain social distance.
  • Systematic disinfection of campus would be completed by staff—beginning with our initial gathering space.
  • Due to new quick result tests, additional social distancing would be maintained until results are received.  
    • We have been assured that as a healthcare facility, we are able to get staff and students tested even if tests are hard to come by for the general population.
  • Parents of a student requiring testing would be contacted immediately.

If a student were to test positive for COVID-19, the guidance we have received to date from local county and state health departments is that we should:

  • Quarantine/isolate in place.
    • Out of an abundance of caution, we have prepared space on campus for quarantine/isolation that includes a private bathroom.  
    • Staff members who are willing to support supervision and care for an infected student have been pre-identified. 
    • All staff members involved in supervision and care would utilize PPEs to limit exposure to infection.
  • Increase intensity of cleaning and screening.  
    • We are already disinfecting all high-traffic areas daily, and screening staff coming onto shift daily.  Disinfection would move to several times per day, and all students would be more thoroughly screened daily.
  • We have been informed by our state accreditation agency that if we had a positive case in our facility, a public health nursing team would immediately come to campus, conduct contact tracing, and provide additional instruction for disinfecting spaces and screening of other students/staff.
  • Equinox currently has an increased staff population, and we have been informed by our state accreditation agency that additional staffing resources would be made available to us through the local health department and other local programs.
  • The student who tested positive would be in isolation for a minimum of 7 days, and would need to be symptom-free for the last three days in isolation prior to returning into our student population.
  • If a student or staff tested positive for COVID-19, all families would be immediately notified, and consistently updated.

To reiterate, these are precautionary and potential measures. To date, Equinox has been and is virus-free. 

  • All visitors to our campuses are subject to a screening process. Access to the campus is restricted.
  • Regular parent tours and educational consultant tours to consider the placement of students within our program will be rescheduled whenever possible.  In the place of these tours, videoconference tours will be offered. 
  • Increased sanitization of equipment and facilities by having the staff clean and disinfect high touch surfaces in common areas
  • Increased access to sanitation stations through the campus at entry and exit points
  • Additional cleaning supplies are available to staff and students to help sanitize as needed.
  • Increased availability and use of alcohol-based hand rub and making sure that tissues are available and sinks are well stocked with soap and paper towels for handwashing
  • Implemented mandatory training for every employee on handwashing and hand sanitization and cough etiquette, and strict employee, client, and visitor compliance with washing/sanitizing hands thoroughly in accordance with CDC guidelines

For Current families of Equinox RTC please refer to recent emails from program leadership regarding visitation policies and any additional updates.

More information about the coronavirus can be found at:  www.cdc.gov/coronavirus