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Residential Treatment Center for Boys Ages 14-18

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We help families rebuild strong relationships to prepare them for their child’s transition home.

The Journey of Success Continues, Even After Equinox

Equinox recognizes a successful transition for our students requires participation from all stakeholders; parents, therapist, teachers, etc.

Recent research has identified three primary factors that are associated with long-term success following completion of a residential treatment facility:[1]

  • Parental involvement throughout the process of treatment.
  • Appropriate stability and structure in the discharge environment.
  • Utilization of aftercare services following discharge.

Because our ultimate goal is to help boys achieve lifelong success, and not just positive experiences while in treatment, the three factors above have played a dominant role in the creation of our program.  

[1] Heather Hair (2005), Outcomes for Children and Adolescents After Residential Treatment: A review of Research from 1993-2003

We can help prepare your son for life-long success.

    Starting at the beginning of treatment, we educate both students and families on the factors that will increase success following treatment. Families are provided with a book entitled, Not By Chance: How Parent’s Boost Their Teen’s Success In and After Treatment, by Tim Thayne, Ph.D. This provides a solid educational framework in which parents can learn how to best support the treatment process, as well as prepare for the return home.


    We have found that graduates need a home community to return to following treatment that include not only their parents and siblings, but also others in their home community such as coaches, teachers, ecclesiastical leaders, etc. Our therapists work directly with families to assemble a healthy and supportive home team.