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Residential Treatment Center for Boys Ages 14-18

 > Help for Troubled Adolescents Transport Services

US Transport Services

We know how troubling this time can be for you, the parent. We understand the great deal of stress both emotionally and financially. We can provide you with the knowledge that your child will be treated as an individual, with respect, compassion and control. We take care of all travel arrangements, we make the transition as easy as possible for you as well as your child.

• We are specifically licensed for the transport of minors.
• Cost effective and caring transport for your child.
• In most cases we can be to your home in less than 8 hours.
• You will never get an answering machine when you call us.
• Highly trained and professional agents will personally walk you through this difficult time.
• All senior agents have more than 150 transports each to their credit.
• Locating Runaways.
• U.S. TRANSPORT SERVICE and it’s Agents are California Trustline registered.
• We always have the same two Agents with your child from pick up to delivery.
• We have two male Agents for male clients and one male and one female for female clients.

For more information about US Transport Services please visit https://www.ustransportservice.com/ or call (855) 632-1248