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Residential Treatment Center for Boys Ages 14-18

 > Residential Treatment Centers For Teens

Residential Treatment Centers For Teens

Equinox RTC, one of the leading residential treatment centers for teens ages 14-18, helps young men struggling with behavioral and emotional challenges such as trauma, attachment, anxiety, and anger. Our programming is specifically designed to address the needs of teen boys in this age group.

Why choose boys-only residential treatment centers for teens?

At Equinox RTC, every aspect of our programming is geared towards meeting the specific developmental, emotional, and neurological needs of teen boys between the ages of 14 and 18. This design addresses these needs in a multitude of ways, including:

  • Experiential Programming: At Equinox, our academic and therapeutic approaches involve hands on learning opportunities that brings students out of traditional classroom environments. Students may engage in physical activities such as basketball, frisbee, or walking during therapy sessions. Studies have shown that physical activity helps young men absorb and process information more effectively.
  • Neurologically-Based Interventions: Every aspect of our gender-focused programming adheres to decades of research about the neurological differences between boys and girls. Our programming helps cater to the male brain through experiential programming, adventure therapy, and a focus on fitness.
  • Health and Fitness: In order for teen to improve mental health, it’s important for their bodies to be healthy as well. Students participate in regular workouts scheduled on an individual basis. These workouts include running, biking, and high intensity interval training. These fitness routines are specifically designed to meet the physiological needs of teen boys.

Treating the Whole Person

At  Equinox RTC, our philosophy is based in treating an entire individual, not just the “problem areas” of their lives. By addressing the core issues that lie beneath the overt issues on the surface, we can ensure lasting change. This holistic approach helps ensure that every aspect of a student: their physical, emotional, relational, and mental selves are fully integrated and addressed. If one area is left without consideration, all other areas are negatively impacted to a great extent. 

Learn more about this mind-body philosophy>>>

Trauma-Focused Therapeutic Approach

The holistic approach we take to helping students heal is the most effective method of helping students heal from traumatic experiences. By treating the mind, body, and spirit of students, we are able to address every aspect of a student that has been affected by trauma. In addition to our holistic approach, we also utilize cutting edge therapeutic techniques such as:

  • Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR)
  • Trauma-Focused Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (TF-EAP)
  • Gender-Specific Addictions Treatment
  • Trauma-Focused Adventure Therapy
  • Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT)
  • Somatic Experiencing
  • Neurofeedback

The most important way we help teens struggling with trauma is helping teens build strong, trusting relationships. These relationships help students more effectively heal. They help boost a sense of empowerment and self confidence within young men.

Big-T Traumas and little-t traumas

At Equinox RTC, we help students facing Big-T Traumas and little-t traumas. Big-T Traumas are huge, catastrophic events such as violent car accidents, abuse, or hurricanes. Little-t traumas, on the other hand, are smaller traumatic events such as bullying, parental divorce, or social isolation. Big-T Traumas and little-t traumas can have equally powerful effects on a teen’s emotional, developmental, and spiritual well being. Unlike other residential treatment centers for teens, our trauma-focused services help address both types of traumas.

Learn more about treatment of trauma at Equinox>>>

Treatment for Addictive Behaviors

At Equinox RTC, we help teens struggling with a variety of unhealthy behaviors. Our program helps young men break out of destructive patterns which may lead to addiction later in life. By addressing the underlying issues causing these behaviors, we are able to prevent these behaviors from occurring.

We help young men struggling with behaviors caused by emotional and behavioral difficulties such as trauma, depression and anxiety. The challenges may lead students to behaviors such as self-harm, overuse of technology, and substance experimentation.

Unlike residential treatment centers for teens with the sole focus of treating addiction, we help teens break out of these behavioral patterns through non-12 step methodologies. We believe that primarily addressing the underlying issues causing negative behaviors is the most effective way of healing teens. In our experience, once these underlying issues are addressed, the addictive behaviors no longer occur because they are no longer needed to “fill the void”.

Learn more about the ways in which Equinox helps young men struggling with addictive behaviors>>>

Life on Campus

On campus, we have created a structured community environment which encourages the development of friendships amongst students and staff members. This safe, supportive setting helps young men heal and feel more confident in themselves. Through everyday interactions with fellow peers and staff members, students learn about what it means to maintain a healthy relationship. They also learn more about how their behaviors affect others within relationships. These interactions help us better understand where students are in the therapeutic process.

Here are a few ways in which we establish a supportive community setting at Equinox:

  • Teams: Within the community setting, we have structured the student population into teams of up to 12 students. As a member of a team, students get to form close bonds with their peers and team mentors.
  • Guiding by Principles: Instead of fearing consequences, we encourage students to be driven by their own principles. Through their own “Hero’s Code” and the natural consequences that come with negative behaviors, students can truly learn to reshape behaviors and create enduring change. By learning from his experiences, your son will grow into a young man of character and positive values.
  • Hero’s Journey: At Equinox, we utilize the archetypal “Hero’s Journey” as a metaphor for the healing journey your son will participate in. Through this journey, your son will learn important values such as responsibility, accountability, and respect. Learn more about the Hero’s Journey at Equinox. >>>

To learn more about the ways in which Equinox RTC can help your struggling son achieve lasting success, please call (877) 279-8925.

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