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Residential Treatment Center for Boys Ages 14-18

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Student Life

Young men ages 14-18 reconnect with their healthier, happier selves.

Life at Equinox RTC

A residential setting such as Equinox encourages students to learn through everyday interactions with others. The students here are struggling with relational trauma among other difficulties and need a safe space away from their normal day-to-day in order to understand, heal, and grow. Our residential, therapeutic setting is geared toward providing a safe, healthy, and relational environment for our students to heal and grow.

Our Academics are tailored to work with multiple learning types and to give individualized care to each student. We take our health seriously here and incorporate a healthy diet, regular exercise, and adventure activities weekly. Equinox students are a part of the community with our service learning projects, where we get involved and give back.


A Typical Day of an Equinox Student

During our school week, which is Monday to Thursday, our students are up and getting started on their day by 6:45 A.M. with a full schedule of learning, therapy, and exercise. Fridays through Sundays are when our students get to experience different experiential learning situations through adventure programs such as back-packing trips, rock-climbing, and more. Our students come back from their weekends refreshed, invigorated, and ready to conquer the world.

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Our academic setting focuses on smaller class sizes to individualize each students learning experience. Each student has their own academic plan, and we help them learn based on various learning styles. Together, we rebuild student interest in school and improve academic performance, unlike a summer program for troubled teens.

Equinox RTC offers recreational therapy

Health and Fitness

When we feel good physically we feel better emotionally, and we think more clearly. Having recognized the importance of these findings, we have intentionally included numerous activities and interventions into Equinox programming that focus on the improvement of the physical health of the boys we serve.

Equinox RTC offers recreational therapy


Volunteer service work is a significant component of our residential treatment program. The boys participate in service twice a month, which gives them an opportunity to look beyond their own needs and give back to their community. In helping others, our boys often develop greater accountability and self-respect.



A residential setting encourages students to learn through everyday interactions with others. Life is grounded in relationships, especially for those who have endured trauma and loss. The foundation of our program is based on this understanding, and the milieu (social environment) in our therapeutic setting is geared toward providing a safe, healthy, and relational environment for boys to heal and grow.


Your son's journey towards healing begins here.