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Residential Treatment Center for Boys Ages 14-18

Here is a description of a typical day at our residential treatment center for boys, from a student’s perspective:


After we wake up and get dressed, we are off to breakfast! We have hot breakfast some days of the week, and cereal and oatmeal on other days. Each team takes turns cleaning up after every meal, and today was our day.


After breakfast, we jump straight into study hall. Having it first thing in the morning is great because the Teachers are around to help support me if I am struggling in a certain class or on an assignment. If I am caught up on my school work I can spend time checking in with my Guide as I move through my Hero’s Journey.


Off to school. I actually look forward to it because of our school's experiential, or hands on, approach. We are heading out to the little stream on campus to learn about micro-organisms for Science class, and my English class hiked up into the woods to do a writing assignment.


Break for lunch, which we eat with our teams. We always have multiple options, including salad, fruit, and a main course. Even the gluten free or vegetarian students always have something to choose from.


Back to school for the last block of the day.

symptoms of ADHD


After school, we head into our two therapeutic groups for the day. They vary, which is nice so I don’t get bored. One of the two groups is lead by our Experiential Therapy staff and is more activity based.


Time to get some energy out. We workout with our teams and it is different each day. Today we are doing Cross Fit up in the gym. Yesterday we did a cardio workout, which included a long game of ultimate frisbee. It’s my favorite part of the day for sure.


After a great workout we are all starving. I look forward to a salad and protein to help me recover with my team.


After dinner, we have rotating activities from which to choose. For me, one hour of activity is never enough so I usually opt to play basketball, soccer, flag football or whatever the more active option is. Some of my friends like to hang out and play their guitars instead.


Time to wind down. And boy am I ready! I need to shower and clean up my room, then have some quiet time to reflect on my day.


Lights out and I need to stop talking to my roommate soon to catch some Zzzzz's. I know I never imagined myself at an all-boys Residential Treatment Center, but it has ended up being exactly what I needed.

We can guide your son on a journey towards healing.