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Residential Treatment Center for Boys Ages 14-18

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Typical Day

Take a glimpse at what a typical day looks like from the life of a student.

Here is a description of a typical day at our residential treatment center for boys, from a student’s perspective:


After we wake up and get dressed, we are off to breakfast. We have hot breakfast some days of the week, and cereal and oatmeal on other days. Each team takes turns cleaning up after every meal.


After breakfast, we head straight to school. I actually don’t mind it. Classrooms aren’t crowded; they’re actually pretty small, so I can focus and get help from teachers any time I need it. Teachers are nice and patient and they really mix it up in class so it doesn’t get boring. Sometimes we watch a video or a Powerpoint and take notes while the teacher teaches us something. Sometimes we work on our own on an assignment and other times we work in groups and do something hands-on. We also get to work out in a PE class every morning which really helps with focus in school. We do different types of exercise – sometimes we play team sports in the gym or at the field, or do a CrossFit-style workout, lift weights, or do yoga.


Break for lunch, which we eat with our teams. There’s salad, fruit, and the main course. There’s stuff for people who can’t have gluten and stuff for vegetarian students. We do some chores to clean up from lunch and then have time for card games, ping pong, reading, or to make a call home after we finish lunch.


After lunch, we head into our therapeutic groups for the day. Students go to different groups and the groups are different every day of the week so I don’t get bored. One of the groups is led by our Adventure RecreationTherapist and is more activity-based, like fly-fishing, hiking, or mountain-biking. And we have a therapist that takes us to a local farm for group therapy with horses- we get to ride the horses sometimes.


After groups and a snack break, we head to afternoon study hall. It’s helpful to have teachers in the room if I’m struggling in a certain class or on an assignment. They play study/focus music and help us when we need it and also help us organize our notes, backpacks, and school supplies. If I’m caught up on my school work I can spend time checking in with my Guide as I move through my Hero’s Journey therapy work.


After study hall, we get some energy out during “Rec-time”. We play basketball, volleyball, or we lift weights in the gym and weight room. Sometimes we go to the sports field for a game of frisbee golf, soccer, or flag football. And some students skateboard and rollerblade at the courts. Once rec-time is over, we usually go to dorms for a quick break. Sometimes it’s time to clean up my dorm, sometimes I take a shower, sometimes I just chill – it depends on the day.


We head to dinner at 6. Dinner is usually a pretty big meal. After everyone finishes meal-time chores, we have time for card games, ping pong, or to make a call home after dinner, as well.


After dinner, we have rotating activities to choose from. I usually opt to play basketball, soccer, flag football or whatever the more active option is. Some of my friends like to hang out and play their guitars or cards instead. Some kids are on a high enough phase level in the program to get a tablet or laptop and they get to use that for an hour in the evening. And some nights, if you’re on a high enough phase, you can watch a TV show, a movie, or play video games in the Entertainment Room.


This is when we start to chill out – no screens so most of us read or listen to music. . We basically get ready to head to bed.


We head to our rooms and do some reading or whatever. Lights out at 9:30.

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