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Residential Treatment Center for Boys Ages 14-18

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Alcohol is a powerful intoxicant that can be mind-altering, especially when consumed in excess. It is a colorless, igneous liquid that is found in drinks such as beer, wine, and spirits. It can also be used as fuel and industrial solvent.

Anyone who consumes alcohol is more likely to make quick decisions without thinking of the potential impact. These types of decisions have caused harmed to many, particularly young adults who end up engaging in risky behaviors they would not have otherwise (e.g., fighting, unprotected sex). The outcomes of these behaviors are hard for youth to process because their brain may not yet be fully developed.

If an addiction or dependency to alcohol occurs, professional help is recommend. Treatment can help overcome the addiction, and can also teach coping skills that may prevent future addiction. Parental involvement in such treatment can have a positive impact on the effectiveness of the treatment.