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Residential Treatment Center for Boys Ages 14-18


Day treatment programs offer a wide range of services for people with behavioral or disorders associated with extreme emotional turbulence. This type of program is often effective for people who were not successful in an outpatient setting, but do not

Noun Defiance is when an individual opposes authority without regard for the potential consequences. Defiant people resist conforming and behaving in the manner in which they are asked.

Noun Depression is defined as a mood changing disorder that can cause an unending feeling of loss of interest and/or unhappiness. Clinical depression or major depressive disorder changes a person’s feeling, thinking, and behavior. It can cause a large variety of

Noun A depression test for teens is an evaluation of a teen’s symptoms specifically geared towards those that might identify depression as a diagnosis. Often, these symptoms might include: academic difficulties, anger management struggles, problems with authority figures, substance abuse, and

Noun Depression testing for teens seeks to uncover the symptoms that have led to depression. These symptoms generally include challenges in school, substance abuse, anger issues, impulsive behavior, being withdrawn, issues with authority, and a lack of interest in activities (among

Noun Destructive behaviors are those that have a negative impact on a person’s quality of life. Generally these behaviors are the result of ongoing issues that are affecting an individual’s normal psychological balance. The severity of the behaviors may vary, but

Noun Diagnosis is defined as the cause of a certain issue. Diagnosis is used in many different fields to determine cause and effect. In behavioral health, for example, there are assessment tools used to determine a diagnosis. A correct diagnosis will

Noun Drug abuse, or substance abuse,is the use of substances or drugs that are habit forming. The use of these substances in large quantities generally leads to psychological injury (e.g., memory loss, hallucinations, dysfunctional behaviors), cravings, or physical injury (e.g., liver,

Noun Drug rehabilitation, also known as rehab, is a program for people who are battling substance addiction (e.g., cocaine, alcohol, heroin, prescription drugs, etc.).These programs use various activities to help overcome addiction including counseling and sharing personal experiences with others who