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Residential Treatment Center for Boys Ages 14-18


Noun Reactive attachment disorder (or RAD) is defined by the inability to form healthy relationships and connect with other people. They may also find it challenging to form genuine emotions. A person who suffers from RAD may be unable to build

Noun Residential mental health facilities help teens work through behavioral and emotional problems with 24/7 care and treatment. Some facilitates provide specialize treatment to youth and have highly trained mental health professional on staff, including psychiatrists, to help work toward positive

A residential treatment centers provide treatment for challenges such as substance abuse, personality disorder, defiance ADHD, depression, and other behavioral and emotional challenges. Many of these centers use a peer-culture model and can have from 10 to 100 patients at

Noun Residential treatment centers for teens offer inpatient treatment for young people. Often, residential treatment centers for teens utilize a variety of therapeutic techniques to aid in the healing process of struggling teens. The treatments may range from cognitive behavioral therapy

Residential treatment centers generally provide therapy for a range of mental and behavior health problems. Some of these centers focus on depression and provide therapy and treatment to help participants deal with depression resulting from trauma or

Noun Residential treatment centers for teens provide inpatient mental health treatment specific to each participant. In some cases, the patient can also engage in an academic program along with different types of therapy (e.g., equine, cognitive behavior therapy) and medication. Learn more