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Residential Treatment Center for Boys Ages 14-18


School refusal generally takes place when a student objects to going to school because of an emotional or psychological stress. This type of absence is not the same as truancy (skipping class) because the individual has a real fear or

Noun Self-harm including behaviors like burning and cutting skin, and ripping and pulling hair. It is generally done to provide the individual a sense of control when there is little control in other areas of his/her life. Self-harm is not normally

Noun Stressful environments are generally unpredictable circumstances that affect everyday life (e.g., divorce, lack or friends, bullying). For youth and children, there can also be developmental issues because they strive on having routine and structure. These environments can lead to behavioral

Traditionally, summer camps are a program located in a wooded place offering activities such as camping, hiking, and canoeing. However, there are now more modern types of camps that offer programs specific things like healthy living, weight loss, arts, math,