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Residential Treatment Center for Boys Ages 14-18


Noun Wilderness programs use the outdoors to enhance the therapy experience. These types of programs may be recreational or therapeutic and may be for the purposes of healing, leisure, or entertainment. In general, these programs, such as Outward Bound, offer quality

Noun Wilderness therapy uses the wilderness environment to help people gain experience using and applying therapy concepts. Whereas other therapies happen in more traditional settings a few times a week, the wilderness gives a student a better chance to be in

Noun Wilderness therapy programs use an integrated therapy approach for people with mental and behavior health challenges. Typically, these programs use both therapeutic procedures and traditional therapeutic methods combined with wilderness therapy. In these program, the wilderness is a therapeutic object

Noun Wilderness treatment centers use physical activities (e.g., mountaineering and backpacking) to help people deal with behavioral and emotional health challenges. These types of treatment centers help people build positive skills that they can use in their normal, everyday lives.