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Residential Treatment Center for Boys Ages 14-18

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Discover the transformative journeys of adolescents at Equinox RTC, as their students and families recount the life-changing experiences and remarkable progress achieved through our exceptional residential treatment program.

Parent Testimonials

Equinox has changed our lives for the better. You guys are a special place and help so many young men. I laugh now about how hesitant I was about leaving him there the first day and thank God every day now that I did. God bless all of you at Equinox, we will miss all of you greatly.

Our son received excellent grounding at Equinox and went onto his next school really well equipped to succeed….he knows himself and his strengths and weaknesses and how to deal with the weaknesses. So, one more time….a huge thank you to the staff at Equinox…you did a great job! 

This is an incredible place for a boy to let his guard down in a supportive environment and do real healing. Whatever his next step is, he’ll be ready.

The work that Equinox staff do is critical for teens and families. Academically and therapeutically, Equinox provides support and treatment that traditional schools are not able to provide. The small student to teacher ratio allows for more personalized curriculum, and gives every student an opportunity for success. Therapeutically, the tools the students are learning to manage their emotional well-being is something that every human on Earth should learn. Equinox is a safe and professional treatment center that offers a life-line to people that need it most.

We help families like yours. Our admission team welcomes your call 24/7. If we are not available, we will reach out within 24-48 hours to have a conversation about how Equinox can help your family heal.

Student Testimonials

Before, I had given up on life, and I didn’t know what to do with myself. I feel like I can actually achieve what I put my mind to.

Me and my parents weren’t as close when I got here, but my therapist and I and my parents definitely came closer and talked about real stuff we needed to work on and I feel our relationship is much better.

It has helped me grow as a person. My favorite part was the staff. They were very compassionate.

After Equinox, life was hard for me, but instead of falling back into my same routine, I had skills to fall back on, and I didn’t go back to the same patterns as before. It kept me off the street.