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Residential Treatment Center for Boys Ages 14-18

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Learn more about the different therapeutic modalities we use.

What Makes Equinox Different

We strive to support the creation of self-sustaining, lifelong change at Equinox for boys aged 14-18. We focus on healing the relational trauma, which is defined as a disruption in a child's sense of safety and well-being due to inconsistent relationships, which leads to grief, loss, and attachment issues. We are a relationship-based model, meaning that we believe that trusting relationships drive change. We implement evidence-based treatment modalities such as EMDR, TF-CBT, Brain spotting, and Neurofeedback in our effort to bring hope and healing to our clients.

We believe that through Adventure Therapy, our students can not only find confidence in their identity, they can also gain new perspectives about interests and hobbies that they may pursue in the future. We emphasize living in the moment and focusing on the journey, not just the destination

Our students at Equinox experience 15+ hours of group therapy a week. The purpose of these groups is to empower our boys through interactive instruction and relationship-based practice which can engage their brains in much more powerful ways than traditional talk therapy can.

The heart of our clinical program is the work and therapy we do with families. We firmly believe in the importance of strong and healthy family relationships. The core of our programming is based on healing damaged relationships so that we can help restore healthy connections within the family system.

Milieu therapy provides “in-the-moment” intervention that is nearly impossible to replicate in traditional therapy sessions. Clinical and residential staff work together seamlessly in the creation and implementation of a therapeutic milieu to create the most lasting positive outcomes in our students

Our intensive focus on individual therapy is one of the factors that sets us apart from other residential treatment centers. One-on-one therapy helps our boys work through challenges in a supportive environment and students receive a minimum of 3 hours of therapy each week.

Psychiatric care and medication management are an integral part of the holistic treatment approach. One of the benefits of Equinox is having a psychiatrist on staff who is fully integrated into the treatment team and is able to share observations with the psychiatric team and make well-informed medical decisions.

The 3 Pillars of our Clinical Approach

The Equinox clinical program is based on the following 3 pillars, which form a solid foundation for positive growth and development. This dynamic approach has been developed over many years of experience.

Our Amazing Staff Makes All the Difference

We hire passionate, dedicated people to run our program. Our staff also undergoes specific, regular training to continue their own personal and professional development which is essential to the life-creating work we do.

Dr. Mike Feeney, PhD , Licensed Psychologist

Licensed Psychologist
Natalie Stark - Director Of Recreational Therapy

Natalie Stark, LRT, CTRS

Director of Recreational Therapy

Angela Curtis, MSW, LCSW, Equine Specialist

Primary Therapist

Bennett Harris, LCMHC, PA-C

Psychiatry Provider
Ryan Bell, LCMHC, LCAS-A

Ryan Bell, LCMHC, LCAS-A

Primary Therapist

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