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Residential Treatment Center for Boys Ages 14-18

In addition to individual sessions with primary therapists, our students experience 15+ hours of group therapy a week. These groups are conducted by our licensed therapists and include the following:

Specialty Groups

(Adoption, Grief and Loss, Trauma, Family Sculpting, Self-Understanding and Empowerment, Social Skills, Depression and Anxiety Management, etc.)

Substance Abuse/ Addictions groups

Experiential Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)

Experiential Groups 

(Adventure Therapy, Recreation Therapy, Relationship Processing Groups)

The purpose of these groups is to empower our boys through interactive instruction and relationship-based practice which can engage their brains in much more powerful ways than traditional talk therapy can. This is why we have developed an innovative therapeutic approach which offers various group therapy options, providing our clinicians and students with an opportunity to select the group offerings that will specifically help them on their personal journey.

Three of our foundational groups include trauma recovery, relationship processing and addictions, which are some of the most common challenges our young boys face.

Substance abuse / Addictions Groups

Many of our young men struggle with a variety of addictions. Equinox has a unique integrated approach that goes beyond a traditional “12 Step” approach.

More information about Equinox’s addiction focus can be found here >>.

Relationship-focused, Experiential Adventure Therapy

At Equinox, we create powerful experiences through Adventure Therapy that go beyond talk therapy. These experiences help create connections between the problems and solutions in experiential ways for teenagers. This engages several parts of the brain to help adolescent boys make connections and see choices they have to change their lives. Our adventure therapy provides powerful therapeutic experiences for all of our boys–especially those dealing with trauma, anxiety, depression, addictions, and anger/impulse control.

More information about our relationship-based adventure therapy here >>.

Developing Emotional Control with DBT

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) is an empirically supported treatment model aimed at helping clients manage overwhelming emotions, problematic relational patterns, self-destructive behaviors and depression. At Equinox we believe this model is best instilled in boys experientially. Therefore, our teaching model for these therapeutic skills is hands-on and active and helps them to integrate good relational skills in practical ways.

We can help prepare your son for life-long success.