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Residential Treatment Center for Boys Ages 14-18

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Troubled Teen Programs

It can be challenging to see your son struggling. One of the first keys is to find a supportive and positive environment in which he can heal. Equinox RTC is one of the most highly regarded troubled teen programs for young men ages 14 -18 who need assistance coping with recent traumas and personal struggles. Our team of compassionate, trained staff are ready to treat a number of interpersonal and internal behaviors so your son can lead the life he deserves.

Teens who are recovering from abuse, bullying, loss of a loved one, depression, struggling with adoption, a recent divorce, or any number of traumatic events will find a safe haven here in the mountains of North Carolina at Equinox RTC. Our program is tailored to the express needs of young men and their specific developmental requirements during their journey through our successful program. Along the way, we invite the participation of each student’s family, to ensure your son’s stay is a holistic healing process for him and the most important people in his life.

A troubled teen program may be the best option for your son if you’re looking for a professional and nurturing setting that will allow your teenager to embrace positive change while maintaining progress in school, and improving interpersonal relationships. The transformation that occurs in our students at our Asheville, NC location is engaging, inspiring and lasting, with progress you can see from the inside-out.

How Troubled Teen Programs Help Young Men

Choosing a troubled teen program for your son can be scary, but don’t let the myths fool you: troubled teen programs have tremendous benefits, infusing a sense of hope and wellness where you may currently experience doubt and pain. The program at Equinox RTC is a residential center for boys ages 14-18 who are battling emotional and psychological challenges or learning challenges. We can help you and your family enjoy a thriving life together and achieve personal success in several ways.

At Equinox, we use comprehensive therapy to heal the various challenges  teens face without relying on medication. Instead, we use one-on-one, group, and family therapy, adventure therapy, and Milieu therapy to encourage lasting change and strong principles within all of our students. Your son will be surrounded by experienced staff and form a bond within small groups of his peers, where he will learn to accomplish milestones he never thought was possible.  {Term} {City}

Our commitment to helping troubled teen boys is why we’re often regarded as one of the leading troubled teen programs in the nation, and why families like yours continually choose us as a residential center for the next stage of their son’s healing and growth. With a focus on mind and body, we create a personalized therapy for your son’s individual personality, situation and background, so you can trust that he’s getting the best care.

Finding Lasting Results For Your Son

If you are looking for a residential program that will offer lasting results for your son, we invite you to learn more about the program at Equinox RTC, the leading school for troubled teens. We devote our time to creating a personal relationship with your son to address the challenges he is currently battling at home or school and aim to guide him to a place of confidence and hope.

Equinox RTC is unlike any other troubled teen program in the country. We specialize in providing life-changing results and the program is grounded firmly in clinical psychology without relying on medication and psychiatrics. We have an approach that is both effective and compassionate using the following types of therapy:

  • Adventure Therapy — Our location in the spectacular mountains of western North Carolina enable us to provide  teens a home away from home where they can experience the great outdoors and build personal and emotional skills through interactive activities such as rock climbing, kayaking, hiking and biking.
  • Individual Therapy — One-on-one communication between our licensed therapists and each student is essential to tackling the fundamental challenges your  son is facing. With a minimum of 3 hours of therapy a week, every single resident at Equinox has undivided attention from a professional to guide and support his journey.
  • Group Therapy — We have small groups where students can tackle difficult topics along with their peers and support one another in their transformation throughout the program. This support group is helpful for overcoming trauma, depression, addiction, self-esteem issues, educational challenges and more.
  • Family Therapy — As a family, you are the most important part of your son’s journey and it’s essential that families are a part of the student’s process in order to heal, support his growth and maintain a family unit that’s whole. We include families by weekly check-ins via phone or Skype and day visits during their son’s stay. Therapy isn’t just for your son, it’s also for the family unit, to ensure the progress he’s making here will continue once he leaves the program.
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